Old ore processing plant
This remarkable industrial building, made totally out of local timber, is the only remaining plant out of 19. It still pays tribute to a by gone time in the "Tiefenbach" valley between Altenberg und Geising.

It is unique in Europe due to it’s age, size and surviving artefacts. It contains enormous stamping machinery, constructed nearly 500 years ago.
The 40 stamp heads drop onto raw ore, crush it to a fine mud from which the Cassiterite mineral can be extracted. This takes place on water powered shaking tables.
These shaking tables were made with slightly inclined rectangular wooden surfaces. At first the tables were suspended on chains and the machines were driven by waterwheels. Later in the 20th century they used tables mounted on pivots with a shaking motion driven by electric motors. The lighter particles are washed over the table by the flow of water. The shaking motion takes the heavier particles of Cassiterite to the end of the table, where they are collected. The difference between the specific weight of ore and the waste separates the two.

Some of these plates are still in use and local experts are available to explain the technology during a demonstration of the machines.
© by Christina Schröder