Underground tour at Altenberg´s Mining-Museum
Adjacent to the main building, the entrance to an adit (entrance tunnel) is situated.

Exploration of a new ore deposit, in those days, was carried out by mining horizontally into the mountain with the hope of intersecting rich ore seams.
The excavation of the tunnel seen on the tour was unsuccessful in finding a new seam and was abandoned after almost 50 years of hard work in 1849 .

Today, this adit is open to the public for a distance of about 200 meters.
From the beginning of mining in 1440 until the closure of mining activities in Altenberg in 1991, a period of more than 550 years, many developments in mining methods and operations took place. These different mining techniques are displayed in the museum and some of them will be demonstrated on the tour.

Hard rock mining by using the heat of fire, underground drilling and blasting techniques using gunpowder and dynamite are explained.

You will also be shown a display demonstrating the last method of mining (sub level caving) that was used before the mine at Altenberg closed down.
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